June 19, 2021

Pruett, L., Jenkins, C., Singh, N., Catallo, K., Griffin, D. Heparin MicroIslands in Microporous Annealed Particle Scaffolds  to Promote Enhanced Diabetic Wound Healing Outcomes. Advanced Functional Materials.

May 17, 2021

Pruett, L., Ellis, R., McDermott, M., Roosa, C. & Griffin, D. Spatially heterogeneous epidermal growth factor release from microporous annealed particle (MAP) hydrogel for improved wound closure. Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2021) doi:10.1039/D1TB00715G.

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January 6, 2021

Pfaff, B.*, Pruett, L.*, Cornell, N., de Rutte, J., Di Carlo, D., Highley, C., Griffin, D. (2021), Selective and Improved Photoannealing of Microporous Annealed Particle (MAP) Scaffolds. ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering. 

June 2020

Schaeffer, C., Pfaff, B., Cornell, N., Salopek, L., Shan, S., Viyar, J., Wilson, O., Griffin, D., Cottler, P., DeGeorge, B. Injectable Microannealed Porous Scaffold for Articular Cartilage Regeneration. Annals of Plastic Surgery. doi: 10.1097/SAP.0000000000002271


December 10, 2019

Pruett, L., Koehn, H., Martz, T., Churnin, I., Ferrante, S., Salopek, L., Cottler, P., Griffin, D.R. and Daniero, J.J. (2020), Development of a microporous annealed particle hydrogel for long‐term vocal fold augmentation. The Laryngoscope, 130: 2432-2441.